We always respect time and money, we committed to deliver goods timely with highest quality, It’s always possible to transport anywhere, we provide endless service with our best transportation practice.


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Since farmers are already willing to accept lower than market price, the deals in the market are likely to be struck at a price lower in the village than that prevailing in the market.

Our Aim is to develop this system in a day to day process. And we can reach our target of daily incomer returns primarily.

It is easy to procure Fresh Goods from farmers and Local Vendors, mange the product with good quality.


why we choose export of Agri products. We can able to preserve green coconut for long time and it can be stored up to 10 days without any artificial atmosphere.

We can able to deliver the product easily from end to end without damage of goods.

We can use Cargo Ships and Air transport system to transport Fresh goods for long distance, it may take few days to reach hole India. we can serve fresh goods without loss of product.

We can export coconuts through water and air cargo to outside of India.

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